How to Plan, Prepare and Pack for a Move 

Moving to another place is a tiring and challenging thing to do. There are a lot of things to prepare for a few months before the moving date. Moving is not like a trip where you pack few things you need for the trip. Moving means moving everything in your house and put it in a truck. Laborious, right? But it’s not as tiring as you think it is if you’ve done the 3ps properly: plan, prepare and pack. With the proper planning and preparation, the moving process will become easy. Follow the guide we prepared for you to follow. 

Keep a Notebook 

To keep track on everything, it’s important to have a notebook where you write everything about the move. This is where you plan out and organize your move. To read the sections clearly, use some colored post-it notes or dividers. The notebook is the place where you write the things you should pack and where they should be packed. There are also a pre-made checklist app available for download.  

Calculate the Moving Costs 

Budget is everything when moving. Add the costs of the move to make an accurate budget. You can do this after you’ve asked a reputable company of a written estimate of the cost. Before you prepare for the move, it’s important to calculate the cost of everything. Whether you would like to hire a professional mover to do the move or on your own, it’s not impossible that you’re going to spend much.  

You should plan the costs for hiring a moving company cross country, supplies for the packing of things, supplies for cleaning the house before you move, costs for traveling (food, gas, tickets and others), bills, vehicle maintenance and other things you could think of.  

Change Your Address Before You Move 

You’re moving, so you’re obviously changing your address. Before you pack your things, write in a section of your notebook the organizations, utilities and people you have to contact before you move. This step will also include doing an address changes through postal service, electricity, cable and other things.  

Update your insurance company, family and friends and other companies that send you bills. Update everyone especially if you’re moving out of state. The professionals you worked with might refer you to other professionals in your new location.  

Get Packing and Moving Supplies 

When your budget is tight, you’ll look for the ways where you can cut your costs. The best way to do this? Get some free packing supplies you don’t even have to pay for. Go to your local supermarket and ask for boxes that you can use for the move, boxes you don’t even have to pay for.  

Prepare New Home Before Moving In 

Fix up your new place first before you move. You will have to adjust to a new home so you have to prepare it first. Make sure that fixing, cleaning and painting is done before the moving date. You wouldn’t want to do all those things with your boxes lying around right?