The Sequel Used Books

TheSequel Used Books and Espresso welcomes you to a cozy experience of a good book, coffee and free Wi-fi. Located on historic  Cole Street, The Sequel offers a unique shopping experience of going back in time with books documenting our old Ghost Towns and roailroads or the latest book on our last Space Shuttle!

The Children's area has a large section of books of entertainment and education that is if you can get past the tempting puzzle in the middle of the room.

Mystery, Romance, Westerns, Spiritual, Politicle, they are all available with affordable prices. If you can not find the book you are looking for after a latte', a walk through the nastalgistic arroma of Hard back books and esspresso, The Sequel will order it for you.

Have some books you would like to bring trade? The Sequel has a great credit system reducing the price of any book in the store, giving you an even greater discount. 

Come on in and meet the owners Susan & Michael Lissy as they turn your shopping experience into and adventure.

We serve the wonderful
Bristot coffee

9 am to 6pm:
 Monday - Thursday

9 am to 7 pm:
 Friday - Saturday


The Sequel Used Books & Espresso
1456 Cole Street
Enumclaw Washington 98022
(360) 825-3144

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